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Engineered Cushion Packaging
Extruded Polyethylene  

Polyethylene Foam

Predictable and consistent cushioning properties of this material make it an excellent choice for packaging delicate products and products of high value. Utilizing cushion curves provided by polyethylene manufacturers, our packaging engineers can develop optimum protection for the most fragile of products.

Ideally suited for die cutting and thermal laminations, unusual product shapes and configurations can easily be accommodated. Because of it's resiliency, polyethylene is an excellent material choice for products subjected to rigorous handling or in a multiple impact environment.

Polyethylene is available in a wide range of densities, colors, and thickness. It is also available in multi-density laminations (MDL). These MDL materials enable us to design and produce parts using a 'living hinge' technique. This technique produces parts that are smaller and require less labor, keeping our customer's overall costs to a minimum.



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