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Molded Urethane  

Molded Urethane

Utilizing a wide range of available densities of flexible polyurethane, this material is suitable for a variety of products, from extremely fragile to those with irregular shapes and contours.

Inexpensive wood molds and minimal set up time make this type of packaging an economical yet effective alternative to molded EPS inserts. It can be designed into multiple cavities affording complete product coverage, or as end caps for a single unit. Engineered foam inserts are delivered ready to use, thereby reducing packaging set up time and labor costs.

Simplified manufacturing techniques eliminate the need for larger orders to " cover expensive set ups". You simply order smaller quantities more often, which allows for shorter lead times, smaller inventory, and improved cash flow.

There are certain situations in which our customers choose to produce their own foam on-site. Your Cushioneer representative can provide you with all the equipment, chemical, and training required to efficiently produce your own molded or foam-in-place packaging.


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