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Engineered Cushion Packaging
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Prompt delivery and outstanding service are assured through our customer service representatives, our personal customer attention, and a flexible approach to fulfill your needs.

Our employees are a part of the same global community as you. It will never be our intention to knowingly harm the environment in which we all live. To this end, we practice the three R's. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Our designers go to great lengths to insure their designs use the least amount of material necessary to pass packaging test parameters. Our creative die layouts, tooling fixtures, and molds are built to insure a minimum of waste.

Where and when possible, our designs and products can be manufactured for multiple uses. Not only does this make good economic sense for our customers, but it reduces the amount of material that may end up in the refuse stream.

All of the packaging materials with which we work are recyclable. Some we recycle in our own facility, others are returned to our raw material suppliers to be processed and reintroduced into the raw material stream.

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